Sharing my recipes with people who likes to get there hands dirty.

My Details

Aka               K.D.O
Age               I look 28 years old
Height            Tall amongst my species
Body type         All rounder
Diet              No restrictions
Smokes            No
Drinks            Socially
Religion          Buddhist
Star Sign         Scorpio
Education         Bachelor of Business/Nutrition
Job               Part time Barista. Wanna be blogger
Income            LoL
Status            In a relationship with a "crazy" Artist
Off Spring        3 1/2 months to go
Pets              1. The boyfriend
Speaks            Viet-glish
Ethnicity         Vietnamese
Hair Colour       Black
Eye Colour        Black

I enjoy doing things that doesn't required a lot thinking, movements 
or responsibilities. 

My turn ons are, a beautiful piece of cooked meat/seafood/men served 
on a silver platter tastefully garnish with wild vegetables and 
matching wine.

My turn offs are, pretentious over priced "con-fusion" wanna be the 
next trend setting food. FYI over priced hawker food stand and food 
truck is nothing new.

I'm really good at, eating, drinking, cooking, painting, sewing, 
eating, drinking, experimenting with new ingredients, eating my
experimenting subjects and drinking.

What I'm doing with my life? I'm in the stage of making "life" myself.I'm hoping to have more time to cook and write my blog while I'm at 
home incubating the baby. So far, not so according to plan! 
Sometimes I would cook the best meal ever but the camera is so far 
away (literally 2 meters away), or I'm so hungry that I can't spare 2 minutes to dress it up and take a photo, or I would take the ugliest 
photo ever even photoshop won't help. Ahhh the challengers of life.

What is my goal in life? To live happily ever after in my castle with
children running around and a good looking funny hubby to keep me 
amused everyday. And, have time to blog. :-)  












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